FREE UPS My Choice Membership

 Are you tired of missing your package deliveries?  Look no further than UPS My Choice, the free membership program offered by UPS.

What Is UPS My Choice?

UPS My Choice is a program that allows you to customize your package deliveries to fit your schedule. 

How to Join UPS My Choice

Visit the UPS website ( or download the UPS mobile app on your smartphone.

What is UPS My Choice Premium?

For even more benefits, you can upgrade to UPS My Choice Premium. 

How Can I Get a Deal on UPS My Choice Premium?

If you’re interested in upgrading to UPS My Choice Premium, there are a few ways to get a deal.

Is UPS My Choice free?

Yes, UPS My Choice is free to join. However, some features, such as delivery to a UPS Access Point location, may have a fee.

How do I sign up for UPS My Choice?

You can sign up for UPS My Choice on the UPS website or through the UPS mobile app.

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