How To Get High End Electronics To Test

  Fortunately, there is a way to get all the newest tech products without spending a dime!  Let me show you how.

Get FREE High End Electronics to Test!

One of the best places to get free electronics is a product testing site called Betabound.

What is BetaBound?

BetaBound (Formerly OnlineBeta) offers you a chance to participate in Beta Tests of unreleased products.  

The products you will test range from household items to video games to enterprise class hardware. 

What is a Beta Test?

A beta test is a project a company runs to get feedback on an unreleased product from real people.

What Do Beta Testers Do?

Again, since every product is different, every beta test is going to be different. The one constant is that beta testers are expected to use the product and give feedback on it. 

Do I get to keep the product?

The answer is, yes sometimes you do get to keep the item you tested.

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