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13 Easy Ways to Get FREE Children’s Books

Reading has so many benefits for children.  It helps their cognitive skills, improves their language skills, and helps them do…

13 Easy Ways to Get FREE Children's Books

Reading has so many benefits for children.  It helps their cognitive skills, improves their language skills, and helps them do better in school. It also helps them later in life to become more knowledgeable as adults. Not only that, it’s fun!

With so many known benefits, there are tons of places out there and online that will give you free books because they want to make sure all children have access to books.  So check out the list below, get a book, and start reading today!

13 Ways to Get FREE Children’s Books

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (Comes in mail)

Dolly believes it is so important for kids to read, she created a foundation to send FREE books to kids every month. If you have a child aged 5 and under you can sign up. It’s not available in every city… so check and see if it is available near you.

PJ Library (Comes in Mail)

If your Jewish, you can sign up to get free books delivered monthly from PJ Library.  They have programs for kids ages 6 months up to 11 years old.

Free Children’s Book Downloads

Download Free PDFs from this online library of children’s books.  They have TONS of books for toddlers all the way up to young adults.  These would be great to read on an iPad or tablet and most are full color with illustrations.

Read Conmigo (Comes in Mail)

Read Conmigo is a bilingual literacy program that provides free children’s books in English and Spanish, educational apps, and literary resources for children in preschool through 5th grade. This one is available to people who live in California, Florida, and Texas.  Sign up and you can get a book in the mail every four months.

Little Free Library (Pick up)

These little free libraries are popping up all over the country. A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is a small wooden box of books. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share.  Check the map and find one near you!

Your Local Library (Pick up)

You can always get free books at your local good old fashioned library.  You can sign up for a library card and borrow some books, but sometimes they give away old books they no longer need.  make sure to ask the librarian if they have any.  Plus if you have a library card you can use services like Hoopla to borrow movies and more online.

Project Gutenburg

This one has a ton of FREE books (over 56.000)!  There is a large section dedicated to childrens books with many different types of books, all FREE.

Amazon Lending Library

If you have Amazon prime you get to borrow one book a month for FREE though the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.  You’ll need a Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, or Fire phone to read them.

Free ebooks

There are Free ebooks all over the web and they are fun and easy to read on your PC or tablet.  There are several sites you can use to find free kids ebooks

Lola’s Books

Lola’s Book Tours lets you get FREE books in exchange for a review.  They basically exist to help new authors get exposure for their books.  They usually have tons of books for kids, young adults, and adults.  If you request one, you’ll need to leave a review on a site like Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Noble.

Enchanted Book Promotions

Here is another free book in exchange for a review site.  In order to review  all you need is a blog or an Amazon account so you can post the review there.  They have books for all ages as well.

Library Thing (Some Come in Mail)

This is another free book in exchange for review site, but this one also offers physical books in the mail.  They have an assortment of book and some children’s books.

Paperback Swap (Comes in Mail)

This one lets you trade books.  Just post a book you’d like to swap on the site.  Once a book is requested, mail it to the member.  Then, you may choose from 1,509,624 available books! Books you request are yours to keep, or swap again!

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