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FREE Bible Reading Challenge Kit

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Get a FREE Bible Reading Challenge Kit from Teaching the World Ministries! Just click on the printed copy or the PDF, whichever you prefer.

According to reliable surveys, only about 15% of Bible-believing Christians regularly read the Book they claim to believe.
We encourage everyone to read the entire Bible each year. And each year, we hear from folks around the world who tell us what a blessing it has been to read God’s Word. We’ve prepared a special FREE KIT to help you read the Bible completely and systematically, and benefit from it.


Our FREE Bible Reading Kit includes these resources:

– Our Bible Reading Schedule takes you through the entire Bible in a year, in about 20 minutes a day.

– Why Should You Read the Entire Bible Every Year? explains why it is vital to read God’s Word systematically.

– More Precious Than Gold: How to Read and Study God’s Word Profitably explains how to get the most out of your commitment to read the Word.

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