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How to Get a Google Home Mini for 99 Cents

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How to Get a Google Home Mini for 99 Cents!!  This will work for new Spotify customers. It’s easy and will only cost you $0.99!!

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in. So whenever you need help, it’s by your side

How to get the deal

      1. GO HERE and sign up for a 3 month sportify trial for $0.99.   Remember to purchase the $0.99 premium plan before you go onto step 2 upgrading to family plan.
      2. Go HERE and upgrade to a family plan. It will say it’s $14.99, but you won’t be charged $14.99 as long as you’re already on the $0.99 plan – Once your signed up, you will see “Your plan includes a Google Home mini” on the bottom like this: 
      3. You will get an email from Spotify for the free Google Home Mini
        In your e-mail, click Get It Now and purchase the Google Home Mini (it will become free during checkout)
      4. Once you get your Google Home Mini you can cancel your trial account.