6 Secrets to Save Money at Starbucks

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Most people either looooove Starbucks or they hate it.  If you are someone who loves Starbucks, or just likes it on occasion… there are a couple tips you should know to save some serious cash and get freebies!

 6 Secrets to Save at Starbucks

1.)  Join Starbucks Rewards and get a FREE Drink – In order to join you need a starbucks gift card with any balance on it (even just 2 cents)  If you don’t have one just grab one next time you visit the store and load any amount on it.

2.) FREE Refills – The rewards account you set up in step one entitles you to FREE refills while in-store on brewed items. (That includes hot or iced tea or hot or iced coffee.)   It works as soon as you set up your account and you don’t need to reach any level to get it.  Works for everyone 🙂

3.)Earn Star Points – Your reward account also earns you star points.  You earn 2 star points per dollar spent.  PLUS, you earn star points on Starbucks coffee you buy at the grocery store.   Once you reach 125 Stars, you receive a “star code” that you redeem for a reward!  This reward can be on ANY food or drink item – even if you were to order the biggest drink they have with 8 extra shots!  ????

4.) FREE Drink on your Birthday – Rewards members also get a FREE drink on their birthday.  You’ll receive the  offer 2 days before your birthday and it expires the day after.

5.) Gold Status – If your hardcore and spend $300 on Starbucks (either grocery store coffee or in stores) you’ll obtain Gold status!  You will get a flash gold card in the mail and more perks such as Double-Star Days and gold member only offers.

6.) Split a Venti – Here is a cool trick to save money.  Did you know you can order a Venti size beverage and ask them to split it in 2 tall cups?  A venti will fill both tall cups and you pay half the price.  For example…. a Venti Frappuccino (24oz) costs $5.49 — A tall Frappuccino costs $4.29.  If you ordered two Talls, you’d pay $4.29 each, but if you split a Venti into a two cups, it will come out to $2.74 each.  Mind blown!

Do you know any other ways to save at Starbucks? Leave a comment below! 

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