FREE Lasagna
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FREE Lasagna for Families in Need

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Get FREE Lasagne for Families in Need!

Need a hand with dinner? No matter the reason, your neighbors want to help.

This is so cool!! Are you a parent trying to balance way more during COVID? A front line worker who could use some love? A person who’s lost income and is trying to figure out how to put dinner on the table? Whatever the reason: kindness is for everyone. Let a neighbor deliver a home-cooked lasagna or main dish to your family one night.

All you need to do is visit the Lasagna Love website and enter your zip code to see if Lasagna Love is available in your neighborhood. If so, they will match you with a local lasagna mama or papa and they will text you to coordinate a delivery. Typically you’ll get a message within a week or two, though in some areas it could take longer due to the increased number of requests.

You can also visit this link to sign up to donate lasagna for this amazing program!

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