FREE Bledie Lekker South African Biltong Sample

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Get a FREE Bledie Lekker South African Biltong Sample!  If you have never tried Bledie Lekker brand biltong simply request a taste sample in the contact page along with a mailing address and we will mail you a free sample taster of real South African biltong !

Biltong has no comparason and is certainly not “beef jerky”. Biltong is a gourmet delicacy that South Africans love to eat and it is made by salting, spicing and curing selected cuts of Beef, Venison or Ostrich. The variety and quality of biltong sold in South Africa is extensive and South Africans take their biltong very seriously and there are very many biltong spice recipes out there however this is how some of the very best beef biltong is made.

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