Grow your Own Food with FREE Seeds

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Grow your Own Food with FREE Seeds!

The Free Seed Project by Rob Greenfield wants to help you grow your own food and share it with your community! They want to help if you would not otherwise be able to grow your own food or if you are a first time gardener.

You qualify for these free seeds if you:

  • Not be able to otherwise afford or access seeds. OR
  • Grow this food for others with low access to healthy home-grown food.
  • Your a first time gardener.
  • AND Commit to sharing some of your food with others.

The seed pack includes a variety of hearty veggies, tasty herbs and healing greens to nourish the body and mind. Plus a mix of beautiful and fragrant flowers for our bee, butterfly and pollinator friends. There are enough seeds to start a good-sized garden to fill your life with health and happiness and contribute to regenerating our Earth.

These seeds will help empower people to break free from the unhealthy food system and take power over their food and their health. To sign up, click this link and fill out the form.

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