FREE Stuff from Verizon Rewards

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Right now Verizon Up members are getting a FREE $3 to $5 Amazon Gift card! Check your account.

If your a Verizon customer you can score FREE Stuff from Verizon Rewards!  Verizon Up is a rewards program for Verizon Wireless customers that lets you earn rewards you really, really want—from your go-to brands to the artists, sports and movies you obsess over. It’s all in the My Verizon app—fast, easy with no fee to join.

Once enrolled, every $300 you spend on your Verizon Wireless products and services on monthly bills (before fees and taxes) earns you a credit.  You can use those credits for rewards. Earned Reward options change on the first day of each month. For more info on how it works you can read the FAQ here.

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