Get Rewarded for Paying Your Rent

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Get Rewarded for Paying Your Rent!

Pinata is the first rewards and credit building program for renters. When you use the Piñata app you get amazing rewards just for confirming your on-time rent payments. But it gets better. You can also build your credit, which can directly supercharge your financial wellbeing. 

Right now when you create an account you get a FREE a $30 gift card and $20 in Piñata cash just for creating your account.

How Pinata Works

Create your FREE account:

Download the app and create an account

– Get a $30 gift card and your first Piñata Cash to spend on rewards of your choice

Earn Piñata Cash:

– Every rent day, you’ll earn Piñata Cash just for paying your rent like you already do

– Earn additional Piñata Cash from referrals, taking surveys and more!

Redeem your Piñata Cash for rewards of your choice:

– Choose from exclusive rewards, from fitness experiences to gift cards at brands you love

– Unlock a special rent day reward each month

FREE Credit Building:

– Opt in to report your rent payments to credit bureaus and finally get “credit” for on time rent payments

– Build your credit and boost your financial literacy for a brighter future

Even when it’s not rent day, Piñata gives renters exclusive deals and discounts to help you save on everyday expenses from CVS and Costco to Best Buy and Sprint to Papa John’s and Disney World. You get an average of $4,000 in yearly savings. You can also get cash back on special deals from your favorite brands.

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