How to Earn $100+ a Day Becoming a Pet Sitter

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How to Earn $100+ a Day Becoming a Pet Sitter

Love animals?  Did you know you can make some serious extra cash by becoming a pet sitter or dog walking?  If your reliable, honest, and love animals why not become a professional pet sitter and earn money just for hanging out with animals?

What is a Pet Sitter

When a pet owner goes out of town, or even while they are at work, they need someone to care for their pets. They often hire professional pet sitters to come care for their animals in their home versus taking them to a boarding facility.  Your duties will depend on the type of pet but they usually consist of feeding and watering the pet and taking dogs outside to use the restroom, or taking them for a walk.  Pretty easy work, and fun too if you ask me!

What does a Pet Sitter Make

Prices vary depending on the area where you live.  Google “pet sitter” and the name of your city to find examples of what other people are charging in your area.  In my area most of the pet sitters are charging about $16 for a 30 minute visit or $20 an hour, plus another $14 to walk a dog.

Visits usually include feeding, watering, exercising, potty breaks, cleaning litter boxes or small animal cages, and administering oral & topical medications as requested.  You can also include or charge extra for bringing in mail, newspapers & packages, rotating lights & blinds, placing trash cans in or out.  You can also charge $50 to $100 for an overnight stay.  Get just a couple clients and you could be making a nice side income!

How to Get Started as a Pet Sitter

There are 2 options if you want to become a professional pet sitter.  Either start your own business or work for someone else.  Google  “pet sitter” and the name of your city to see what the other pet sitters in your area are charging and what kind of certifications they have.

If your starting your own business, check out the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Professional United Pet Sitters.  It is not mandatory but they provide a ton of educational material and forms you will need to get started, and they also list you in their directories which can make you seem more professional.

You can also sign up at places like and  They will include you in their directories and help you schedule clients.  They also offer resources and opportunities to help you build your business. claims their pet sitters can earn $1,000 or more per month!

As you can see pet sitting is really easy to do and doesn’t require much money at all to get started.

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