How to Get Paid to Post TikTok Videos

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Did you know you can Get Paid to Post TikTok Videos?!

The website Heartbeat is looking for creators to post videos on TikTok. Whether you have 500 or 5 Million followers on TikTok or Instagram, brands want you to represent them, and Heartbeat makes that happen.

If you love posting on TikTok and Instagram you are going to love Heartbeat.

What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a social marketing platform that connects brands with micro influencers.  Heartbeat will send you free products and pay you to share brands you love on social media!

Heartbeat is the only app that connects brands like Goop, MeUndies, and Sony Music with their actual consumers in one simple space. Join a community of content creators hundreds of thousands strong and get paid to post on Instagram.

How does Heartbeat work?

The first thing you want to do is create an account. The initial application is fast and easy.

After signing up with Heartbeat app be sure to verify your tiktock account. Just add the required emoji to your TikTok bio and then confirm your account. Once verified, you can remove the emoji!

Once your account is verified you will get email invites to participate in TikTok campaigns. You will receive information on your TikTok pay rate directly over email.

Your pay rate is calculated by Heartbeat’s algorithm that looks at 60+ data points. You can see your pay rate at any time in your Heartbeat Profile on the app.

When you log into your account you can check out the campaign tab. There you will see a list of campaigns you can apply for.

Each campaign will have the post timeline and requirements listed. Plus the payment terms will be listed. You could be paid in products, cash, or both.

When you see a campaign you think you would be a good fit for you can click on the “interested” button. That will take you to the campaigns application. The application will ask you various questions. You will be paid a flat fee for each campaign for which you are accepted or receive a free product in exchange for a post.

Go and click this link and sign up for an account. Then make sure to complete your profile and add your social accounts. Make sure to tag @guide2free in your post if you score something FREE and let us know!

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