Name a Cockroach after your Ex

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Name a Cockroach after your Ex for FREE!

The EL Paso Zoo has an epic promotion running called Quit Bugging me! This year you can name a cockroach after your ex and they will feed it to one of their zoo animals. Feedings will be posted Valentine’s Day weekend, Feb 13-14th.  

Zoo animals are regularly given enrichment to keep them stimulated both mentally and physically. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are ethically frozen and given to insectivores as determined by our zoo veterinarian staff. Insects are a normal part of these animals’ diets, in captivity or the wild. While in our care, we try to replicate this as much as possible.

All you need to do is click this link and fill out the form to submit a name. All names submitted will be displayed anonymously. They will only display first names.

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