How to get a FREE At Home Covid Test

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Learn How to get a FREE At Home Covid Test!

Starting Saturday, many Americans can get FREE at home Covid tests through their private insurance. They can pick up the tests from pharmacies, retailers and online vendors.

Plus the Biden administration has signed a contract to distribute one billion free rapid tests throughout the country to Americans. These tests will be available to order starting next Wednesday.

How Does an At Home Covid Test Work?

An At Home Covid test is a very easy to administer home test that detects if a person has covid. These tests, called antigen tests, work by looking for the presence of specific proteins associated with the coronavirus. If they are detected, a positive result will quickly show on the test, similar to how a pregnancy test works.

How to get a FREE at Home Covid tests through insurance

If you have private insurance, you will be able to get free tests or be reimbursed for the tests that you purchase. The tests will not be subject to any copays or deductibles. Only tests purchased on January 15 and beyond will qualify for reimbursement.

Make sure to call your insurance company or check their website to see how to receive your free covid tests. Each company will have their own process and ways to obtain your tests.

How Many tests can I get?

Insurers must pay for up to eight tests per covered individual per month. So a family of four could get 32 tests each month, for instance.

The government plans to offer 4 tests via their new website.

How to get a FREE at home Covid test from the Government


Starting now, Americans can visit the new website to order their free covid tests. Through this website, every home in the U.S. can soon order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. The tests will be completely free—there are no shipping costs and you don’t need to enter a credit card number. They also plan to set up a hotline for those who cannot order online.

Do I need a prescription?

No. You will not need to visit a doctor or get a prescription to get the free tests.

How accurate are COVID home test results?

Antigen tests are less sensitive than PCR tests, but they are still pretty accurate, especially when you are most infectious. False positives are relatively rare with antigen tests, so if you test positive you should isolate yourself.

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