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How to Get a FREE Ring Video Doorbell

[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″]It’s BACK!  Yes they had this going before and ended it.  But this is a new app and…

How to Get a FREE Ring Video Doorbell

[su_note note_color=”#FFFF66″ text_color=”#333333″]It’s BACK!  Yes they had this going before and ended it.  But this is a new app and new referral program.  Hurry![/su_note]

Want to learn how to get a Ring Doorbell for FREE?  It’s not that hard!

Right now, Ring is offering a FREE $10 credit when you Download the free Neighbors by Ring app!  PLUS, when you also tell your friends about the app, you will get $10 in credit for each one that downloads the app through your link.  Then you can redeem the credits for FREE Ring products. The Video Doorbell is $99, so you only need 9 friends to download the app!

[su_panel color=”#F73F43″ border=”1px solid #F73F43″ radius=”3″ text_align=”center” url=”#”](Make sure you follow the directions below completely or you won’t get the credit!)[/su_panel]

How to Score a FREE Doorbell or Camera

  • Click this link and download the Ring app
  • Open the app and create a new account
  • Make sure to allow location services (or you won’t get your credit)
  • Go to your email and click the confirm email they send after you created your account
  • Now go to the menu (top left looks like 3 lines) and open > My account > and then two-factor authenication > turn it on.  Verify with your mobile number.
  • You should get a notification that you got the $10 credit.
  • Now go to the invite section and invite 9 friends to do what you just did and you will earn $10 for each friend.

[su_label type=”default”]Important NOTE:[/su_label] To be eligible for the $10 credit, you must sign up for a new account through a referral link, verify your email, enable two-factor authentication and allow the Neighborhood app to access your location. The credit will be available in your Ring online account (it does not show up in the Neighbors app). To locate your credit, go to Ring.com and log into your account. Click on your name at the top right then on Account and, when available, your credit will display under the Ring Credit Balance section.

The Ring app is pretty cool so it’s not hard to get people to download it.  It gives you FREE Crime and Safety Alerts via Neighborhood Watch and you do not need a ring doorbell to download the app.  Whenever someone in your area posts a suspicious incident, you will get an alert via the app so you always know what’s going on in your neighborhood.  Ring will keep you up-to-date with crime and safety alerts from your neighbors.

Use this link to download, and you will get the $10 in Ring Credit. Then inside the app, click on the menu, and then on “invite friends” to get your link.  Share it with your friends, family, and neighbors!

They have several other products if you don’t need a doorbell.  They also have solar lights, cameras, and more. I just got a solar panel for my camera and paid $2!!!

Just download the app, create an account, and log in.  Click on the “invite get $10” in the menu and then invite friends, neighbors, etc.

How to Get a FREE Ring Video Doorbell

Update! Just got my solar panel!

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I love this app.  They have caught several people on video trying to break into cars.  It’s great to know what’s going late at night!

Download the only app that updates you with real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighborhood. Keep connected and stay informed with up-to-date news from your neighbors, your community and local law enforcement, so we can work together to create safer neighborhoods for all.

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