FREE Duet All in One Floor Cleaning System

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Get a FREE Duet All in One Floor Cleaning System!!

Duet is giving away their new Duet cleaning system when you refer your friends.

Duet is an all-in-one microfiber dust mop, sweeping broom and multifunctional dustpan. This new product combines essential floor-cleaning tools to bring your home a new level of cleanliness while saving you time, money, energy and storage space.

To get one, click this link and enter your email address.  Next, you’ll get a personal link to share with your friends.  For each friend who clicks your link and enters your email, you’ll earn rewards!

Rewards Available:

  • 5 Friends = Free set of deluxe microfiber cleaning cloths
  • 10 Friends = Two free deluxe microfiber cleaning towels
  • 25 Friends = Free set of duet pads
  • 50 Friends = 1 Free duet!
  • 80 Friends = 2 Free duets AND cleaning pads for life!

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