FREE Gratitude Seed Packets

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Get 2 FREE Gratitude Seed Packets!

Research shows that people who practice gratitude – who think about the good things in their life – are healthier and happier! They feel more energized, sleep better, have stronger social connections, and feel better about themselves. Gratitude helps us grow mentally and grow as a person.

On our Sleeves wants to grow gratitude together! Get started by requesting your free gratitude seeds. Then, download a practice activity to talk about gratitude and the importance of practicing it every day.

Click this link and fill out the form to receive two seeds packets. Plant the first one with your family and watch your gratitude grow. Share a second packet with a friend, family member or neighbor to help boost their mental wellness and talk through what you’re thankful for.

Have fun growing your gratitude while you grow your own flowers at the same time!  Seeds are expected to arrive in 1-2 weeks.


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