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FREE 6 Months of TIDAL

Experience 6 free months of TIDAL. Cancel anytime before your trial period ends and no charges will apply, or keep listening for $9.99/month. *Offer valid for new TIDAL accounts only

TIDAL offers music fans like you access to exclusively curated content that directly connects you to your favorite artists. Enjoy:

  • Music: More than 48.5 million tracks
  • Music Videos: Full catalog over 175,000 music videos
  • Playlists: 300+ exclusive playlists from selected artists, celebrities, athletes and TIDAL’s editors
  • Movies & Shows: Popular video content, exclusives and original programming
  • Concerts: Livestreams and 70+ on-demand concerts and events

Discover new artists via TIDAL Rising and unique live experiences via TIDAL X.

You will need a credit card or prepaid card to signup or you can use a burner card from here.

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