WiBargain Unboxing and 15% off
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WiBargain Unboxing and 15% off

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Have you heard of WiBargain?

WiBargain.com is a site that sells liquidation goods from the top retailers worldwide. Liquidation is an opportunity to buy goods that have either been returned to a retailer or goods that retailers no longer want. Prices are generally 70%, 80% or 90% off MRSP retail, so there is an opportunity to make a profit if you decide to resell it.

They offer all kinds of boxes and even pallets worth of merchandise. You can get boxes of returns from Amazon, Target, Lowes, or themed boxes of electronics, home decor, toys and much more.

My favorite part is that you have no clue what will be inside and it could be anything. If you love surprises you will totally love this! Keep what you like and sell the rest on ebay or Facebook marketplace and then use the profit to buy more boxes. You could totally make it into a money making side hustle.

Get 15% off with coupon code GUIDE2FREE15 at WiBargain.com

I was recently sent a Target returns box from Wibargain and it was full of a bunch of awesome items. You can watch the video below to see what was inside.


What do you think of the Wibargain box? Use coupon GUIDE2FREE15 for 15% off 😀 @wibargaintiktok @wibargain ##wibargain ##fyp ##guide2free ##wibargain

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Boxes consist of:
  • Returns: Returned merchandise were assets sold to a customer, who then either physically brought the item back to a store or mailed it to a specified location.
  • Shelf pulls: Shelf pulls were assets previously available for sale in a retail environment, but were never sold. 

Want a WiBargain box of your own? Click here to check them out and don’t forget to use the coupon GUIDE2FREE15 for 15% off your box. Make sure to tag me when you get it and let me know what’s inside!

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