7 Ways to Get FREE Cash to Spend this Christmas
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7 Ways to Get FREE Cash to Spend this Christmas

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7 Ways to Get FREE Cash to Spend this Christmas

Christmas is coming and who couldn’t use some extra cash and gift cards to spend on gifts?  Check out these 7 programs I use to get extra money throughout the year.  I use all these to get extra money and I only do them in my spare time or when I am bored.  They are listed in the order of most cash/gift cards earned to the least.

1. QuickThoughts

I make the most money from this one.  Surveys are quick and easy and you make $1-2 per survey usually. Once you hit your first $10, you can cash out for a FREE gift card!  I highly recommend using android if possible because the iOS app pays in iTunes gift cards and the android app pays in Amazon gift cards.

Download the app Android or Apple, then create an account.  Fill out your profile and then take the surveys available to you.

2. Crowdtap

With Crowdtap you complete a variety of very short polls and questions about consumer goods, food products, and services. The polls pay 1.5 cents each and the short answer questions pay 10 cents each. All of them are well worth it for the time that they take. Reward options include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Steam, Xbox, and more. You can cash out starting at $5 and I am able to cash out about once a week.   Click this link to join.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone is awesome and they pay $3 guaranteed for every survey you complete.  The surveys are easy and you can sometimes also get samples.  I get about 1-2 surveys a week with this one.  It’s invite only but you can sign up through this invite link.

4. Prolific Academic

With this one you take surveys for researchers and get paid cash.  Make sure you pay attention because they ask questions to make sure your not just clicking random answers.  They pay well, at least minimum wage.

Go here and create an account.  Then take the welcome study to get started. Make sure to verify your email and fill out the “about you” section so you will be matched with more studies.

5. Yougov

Yougov is a survey site that pays usually $0.50 to $2 per survey.  I get a couple surveys a week with this one.  Most of the surveys are about politics and policies.  It is best to save up your points and cash out at $100 to get the best value.  They offer the $100 cash out in bank transfer and Amazon.

6. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys pays for every survey you take.  You also get paid for quick polls and logging in.  It’s very easy to earn here and payout starts at $10 in either Paypal or Amazon.

Create an account and then fill out your about section to get matched with the most surveys possible.

7. Nicequest

Nicequest is another good one that is very easy.  The surveys here pay about $2-3 for like 10-15 minutes.  They call the points you earn “shells”. Installing their meter on your phones and tablets adds a guaranteed 5 shells per survey. If you add the meter to your computer, phone, and tablet you get an extra 15 shells (about a dollar) per survey.  You can earn gift cards or physical items here.

7 Ways to Get FREE Cash to Spend this Christmas

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