Gross Generic Products You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

Doritos: The Authenticity That Can’t Be Compromised “My husband one time brought home off-brand Doritos. I could’ve strangled him. Tasted like tortilla chips sprinkled with LIES.”

“Feminine products (pads/tampons). Don’t even get me started on the no-name brands or store brands… When it comes to this stuff, you definitely get what you pay for.”

Ketchup: Quality Matters   “Ketchup. Seriously… all of the store-brand stuff is all sugar and no vinegar!”

“Mac and Cheese. Never came across a generic brand that tasted better than Kraft Dinner.” 

“Cereal. I don’t care what anyone says, cereal tastes different when it’s generic.”   

“Toilet paper. Store brands are pretty close to bark and thorns.”   

“Oh my god, I will never again buy generic Q-tips. Might as well just jam toothpicks in your ears for all the good the minuscule amount of cotton on the ends does.”