How To Get FREE Stuff On Amazon (Direct Ship Freebies)

If you love freebies, this article is for you! Amazon sellers are giving away free items with no strings attached. All you have to do is sign up and you’ll start receiving free random items from Amazon sellers.

Free Products through Amazon Direct Ship

These direct ship freebies can range from beauty products to household items and more. 

What is Amazon Direct Ship?

Amazon Direct Ship is a little-known program where you can get FREE random items from amazon sellers.  

Why are Amazon Sellers giving away Free Products?

Amazon sellers store their products in Amazon’s warehouses so they they can be quickly shipped out to Prime members across the country. 

What will you be receiving?

 It can be just about ANYTHING! When participating in the Amazon Direct Ship program, it’s important to remember that the items you receive will be random.

Many times it is clothes, toys, household items, etc. But don’t be surprised if it is something else like electronics or bedding.

The package will just show up randomly. But always remember, do not review these items or you risk losing your amazon account!

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