Get Paid To Narrate Audiobooks

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Learn to Get Paid To Narrate Audiobooks!

Ever since tablets and kindles came on scene, audiobooks have been a big thing. Authors need to get their books into audio format because of the explosive demand for audiobooks. More people are listening these days instead of reading.

What that means for you is that you can make a great income narrating books if you have a good voice and some spare time.

Amazon has created the Audiobook Creative Exchange which connects audiobook narrators with books that need to be narrated.

How to become an Audiobook Narrator

A narrator not only reads the book, but paints a picture with their voice. You will need to make it interesting using your voice. Before you can start any job on ACX, you will need to first audition which consists of recording some samples of your reading for the author. If they like what they hear they will offer you the job. Want some tips from an actual narrating pro? Check this page for some great tips.

What are the Requirements to be an Audiobook Narrator?

You will need a few items to get started. These include a good microphone and headphones. You may also need to find a quiet space to record or look into soundproofing your current space. ACX has a great amount of information in their FAQ sections.

How to get Started

  • Go ahead and click this link to go to ACX
  • Click on find a book for your voice
  • Choose a book and check the payment (some are a flat rate and some are royalty share)
Project will take 3.2 hours and you will make $50 – $100 per hour
  • When you’re chosen by the author/publisher, they’ll send you an offer. Accept the offer and you’ve got the job.
  • You’ll be paid a flat rate upon completion and approval of the project or monthly royalty payments based on book sales.

Royalty Share vs RS+ vs PFH

Wondering which one you should choose? Here is what the different payment methods consist of:

Royalty Share (RS): You get a portion (20%) of the book sales while the book is on sale on Audible for the next seven years. You will be paid on monthly basis based on sales for the previous month.

Royalty Share+ (RS+): You will get Royalty Share (see above) plus a bonus Per Finished Hour rate.

Per Finished Hour (PFH): You will be paid after completing the book based on the length of the finished audiobook. This is a one-time payment.

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