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Get Paid to Shoot Videos with Stringr!

 Stringr is a marketplace that allows media organizations (such as TV news stations) to buy video from both amateur and professional videographers.

The media organizations can preview all footage. If they like what they see, they can immediately download the video. Once they do, you (the videographer) will get paid the next business day!

If your video is used, you get paid! Every time a different media outlet downloads your video, you get paid.

I created an account and logged in and was able to see several video request each paying around $50 per video.

All you need to do is download the Stringr app on your phone.  You will be notified about nearby requests by media outlets when they want something shot. You can also view requests on the Stringr website. Sign up or sign in using the same credentials as the app, and click ‘Local Requests’ to view opportunities near you.

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