FREE Macy’s Perfume Samples

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Be on the lookout! Just got this offer again!

Get FREE Perfume Samples from Macy’s!

Have you been looking for a new perfume? Do you like something by a particular designer, but don’t want to spend the money on a full bottle? Then keep reading because if you follow the directions in this post you could score TONS of free perfume samples from Macy’s!

I have got this offer so many times now that I have an arsenal of fragrances now! I could literally wear a different one every day of the month. Just look at all of them!

Look at all these samples!!

These are all hot designer fragrances and many of them have just came out. Plus there are many old favorites. And inside each one is a little travel size spray so I can get several uses out of each one.

Do you use Facebook or Instagram? That is where your going to find these freebie offers. As your scrolling, you will want to keep your eye out for an offer from Macy’s for FREE perfume.  I have got the offer 10 different times now! Who would not love to get macy’s perfume samples?!

Each time they send 4 nice size vials of fragrance.  The last one I got looked like this:

Keep reading to learn how to score your own!

They way you get the offer is to be targeted with ads. There is no link to sign up. It just pops up in your newsfeed once your targeted. The way to make sure you get targeted is to follow the steps below. They want to send samples to Macy’s shoppers that like perfume so clicking on all the links below will make the algorithms see you as the perfect person to show the ads to!

How to get the samples

  • Click this link and Like Macy’s on Facebook and like a few of their posts
  • Click this link and follow Macy’s on Instagram and like a few of their posts
  • Click this link and visit the perfume section of Macy’s website
  • After you do those 3 things they will be able to target you with ads for free macy’s perfume samples.  Watch your Facebook and Instagram news feed for an offer that looks like the one below.  It may show up the same day or a couple days later.    I have got the offer at least 10 times now! (Seriously!!) Good luck… let me know if you get it!

Here is what the latest offer looks like:


They keep sending them!

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