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Update:  Bzzagent and Viewpoints have combined and in order to get viewpoints products you need to make sure your signed up with Bzzagent. ????Viewpoints campaigns will stop after January 1, 2020.  Similar to Viewpoints, new campaign opportunities will come through your email. 

If your not a member of BzzAgent, stop what you are doing and join right now!  It is completely FREE and you get to try sample new products and that they ask is you write an online review.  Just sign up, answer some surveys and when they have a product that is right for you, you’ll get an invite via email.

How it works:

  • Sign up via the invite in your email
  • If your selected, they will ask you to confirm you address.
  • If your chosen after confirming your email you will get a final email confirming your product is on the way!  Congrats.
  •  Try the product and share your thoughts with your friends and family and leave an honest review.  (They will email you when it’s time to write your review).
Invites will come in your email.  You CANNOT use a link you found online or use someone else’s invite link.  If you use an invite link that’s not yours, your account will be flagged and you risk being removed from future invites.

Join BzzAgent now and you can join awesome campaigns and get FREE stuff!  Check out what I am currently bzzing about:

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