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Mystery Shopper Jobs: Get FREE Spa Treatments, Theme Park Tickets & More

There are lots of scams out there, but there are also real legit mystery shopper jobs that are actually pretty…


There are lots of scams out there, but there are also real legit mystery shopper jobs that are actually pretty interesting.  Below I have listed some legit mystery shopper sites that actually pay you to do fun activities!

Get Paid to Enjoy Spa Treatments

Yes that is correct!  Coyle Hospitality is looking for mystery shoppers to go get spa treatments at some of the nicest spas and hotels around.  Just go here and fill out the contact form and let them know your interested in evaluator opportunities.

“All mystery shopping assignments pay a fee plus reimbursable expenses as directed by the client.”

Get Paid to go to the Movies

Marketforce is looking for people to go watch movies and complete various tasks.  They may ask you to count the number of people in the theater, or “Watch and record all advertisements shown prior to the feature.”

In exchange, You’ll be paid for field visits that you make… and even reimbursed for your movie tickets and concessions for select assignments.

Get Paid to Go Have a Drink

MSP Services is paying people to go have a drink in restaurants and bars.  You may be asked to evauate customer service, check cleanliness, or rating bartenders.

In exchange they will pay you, plus they usually reimbursable your meal or drinks.  To apply head over here and fill out the application.

Get Paid to Visit Theme Parks

Amusement Advantage is looking for people to visit various attractions and theme parks throughout the usa.   Shoppers receive various forms of payment such as cash reimbursement, gift certificates, coupons and free passes.  Our shops give you the opportunity to have fun while earning reimbursement for your expenses or free tickets and in some cases a little extra pay for your time and efforts.

To get started, go here a complete the shopper application.  After signing up I found several shops available in my location!

Get Paid to Test Drive Cars or Go to a Concert

Bestmark is looking for people who will test drive cars and tell them about your experience.  Performing mystery shops is a great way for you to make additional income while helping companies to enhance their level of customer service.

If your interested, Go HERE and signup.  In addition they do also offer other types of shops you can apply for like going to concerts or even casinos!

Get Paid to Visit the Doctor

As a mystery medical shopper, you might “pose as patients on the phone to hospitals and clinics, or observe on-site interactions to help us create more positive patient experiences and stronger provider/patient relationships.”

They may also even have you visit a doctor or hospital with “symptoms of a non-threatening matter” to provide information about the total patient experience, including interactions with all staff, such as phone attendant, lab technicians, front-desk staff, nurses, and physicians.

If this type of thing interests you, you can apply here.

Know of any others that you think should be on the list? Leave a comment below.

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