FREE Coupons By Mail – Email Companies to get High Value Coupons

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Score FREE Coupons By Mail!

Did you know that you can email companies to request FREE Coupons By Mail?  You can tell them how much you like their products, or hate them, or even tell them you just want to try them for the first time.  A lot of times they will send you FREE Coupons By Mail.

The coupons they send are often higher value coupons, meaning more of a discount than the usual newspaper coupons.  Sometimes they will even send a coupon for a FREE product!  I have got many coupons this way and sometimes the companies are really generous.  And of course sometimes they say no but it is totally worth the time it takes to send the emails.

Below are a list of companies known to send coupons to people who request them.   If you know of any that are not listed, please leave a comment below!

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  1. thanks for the emails for coupons i will be emailing alot of the compamies you have listed

  2. I emailed a number of these companies and received emails back stating that they do not send out coupons.  What a waste of time.

  3. tyson does. i have done it before and they sent a few very high value coupons!

  4. I had emailed some of these companies recently (in the last few days). Kraft on their site says they do not send out coupons. Huggies responded telling me to join their rewards program and that’s how they send them out. I’ve had this for nearly a year and they don’t send anything.

  5. I did this for about 20 companies about 3 months ago. I have received absolutely nothing! Just an email thanking me for liking their products and letting them know. Truely a waste of time.

  6. dont just ask for coupons from my experience say something like the followin example, ” me and my family enjoy *insert product name* so much blah blah blah and dont ask for coupons i have received emails thanks for your email and feedback check your mail withing 7 to 10 days you will receive a letter with complimentary coupons as a way to saying thanks for taking the time to contact us think positive people i did ask some and they said no but i then just complimented the rest they all oferred coupons without me askin

  7. I have done this for a straight week, emailing 10 companies a day..Today my coupons starting flowing in. I recived over $50 in free product..

  8. I have done this also and I had a positive reply’s . I received good items and lots of coupons for free products. Its all for free

  9. Sara Lee doesn’t send out coupons, neither does aunt jemima. Busch beans sent me a coupon for .50 cents off 3 cans of regular beans, excludes baked

  10. I have received coupons and freebies from Venus for free razors shaving gel an coupons for free razors shaving gel an refill and alsofrom Lays for free chips

  11. I have received coupons from International coffee creamer monthly. Go to the website-www.internationaldelight and print your $1-$2.50 off coupon….

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