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Sign up for P&G Good Everyday Rewards. P&G Good Everyday is a Rewards Program for your favorite brands, like Tide, Crest, Dawn Bounty and 60 more. 

Earn up to $150 + in Rewards annually for Brands you already use and love.  Enter for chances to win Free P&G Products.  And, P&G Donates to Charity on your behalf.  More participation = More Rewards and More Donations.

How P&G Good Everyday Rewards Works

Answer surveys, scan your receipts featuring P&G products or take quizzes to earn points for rewards you’ll love.

P&G brands include Tide, Crest, Febreze, Pantene, Swiffer, Vicks, & many more so you can scan your receipts that contain these products.

After you earn points you can redeem them. They are a couple different ways you can spend your points. You can get gift cards, sweepstakes entries, digital subscriptions, or even donate your points to charity.

Sign up to P&G Everyday Rewards

To sign up, just click this link and create an account. You’ll get 25 points just for joining.

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  1. I signed up with these guys forever ago, and when I sign in for new samples I am told that the Zee Quil sample is no longer available??????? #1, I didn’t ask for it, #2, I never get shown or told about new samples. I think that some of P&G products are some of the best, it’s to bad that this site is run so bad. I do want to thank you guys for Tide and Bounce. My mother used it in our laundry for as long as I can remember, and when I left home it is the same laundry products I used on my family and still use today, 30yrs later. So if you could just get your act together concerning your sample site, things would be great.

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