How to get FREE Samples at Walmart

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How to get FREE Samples at Walmart!

Do you shop at Walmart often? Did you know you can score free samples in the store every week when you visit?

Inside over 1,300 Walmart stores (and Sam’s Club) is a machine called a Freeosk that is full of free samples!

How to get FREE Samples at Walmart

What is a Freeosk?

Freeosk is a in store kiosk with free samples inside. They are about the size of an atm machine and are usually all white on the exterior. There is a touchcreen and a scanner on the front.

How does Freeosk work?

You can get free stuff from any retail store that contains a Freeosk by using the Freeosk app! Simply open the Freeosk app to find your code on the home screen. Scan your code and “ding” out pops your free sample!

How Many Samples Can you Get?

Users can score one sample each week per kiosk. Due to the nature of technology, occasionally more than one sample will be dispensed at a time. That just means it鈥檚 your lucky day!

How to find a Freeosk

Freeosks are now available in over 1,300 locations with more on the way. You can click this link and enter your zip code to find locations near you.

Also, click this link to create an account and download the Freeosk App to create your account and see what samples are available each week.

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