Media Insiders Panel: Earn up to $15 Each Month By Installing an App

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Sign up to be a Media Insider Panelist and earn up to $15 a month for installing their app on your phone or tablet.  You get $5 a month for each device and you can have up to 3 devices for a total of $15 a month. Devices supported are: Android smartphones, Android tablets, Kindle Fire.    You can redeem your earnings for Amazon, cash, and other gift cards.

*NOTE: You cannot earn the $5 per month if you choose the sweepstakes! Be careful in the signup process!

Click Here to  Join Now and sign up!

Notes: 1) You are NOT required to link your Social Media account. 2) You MUST have an Android Phone, Android Tablet, or Kindle Fire to qualify.

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  1. Lets hope it’s as simple as it says. If so will be nice to get $10 free gift cards each month

  2. it is simple, install software and it’s done, but good luck getting paid. and the software slowed down my computer so i removed it after i wasn’t paid for 4 months

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