Become a Product Tester for Philips

Sign up to Become a Product Tester for Philips!!  Philips is looking for people to test their products and share their opinions.

Here is how it works:

1. Sign up & Apply

After you’ve registered with the site and logged in, select a test that you are interested in and apply. We will inform you by e-mail if you are selected to participate in the test.

2. Receive product for free or at a reduced price

Depending on the type of test you can buy the product at reduced price in our online store – or we will send it to you free of charge.

3. Try the product and submit your feedback

Test the product in detail and then write a comprehensive and meaningful evaluation.

4. Write a review

Indicate for which sites you have written a review and upload a screenshot or include a link if requested.

5. Retain your product

You have successfully completed the product test and you may keep the product.

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