2020 Presidential Candidate Freebies

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Got a favorite 2020 presidential candidate?  Show your support by requesting one these free stickers below. Know of any others? leave a comment and I’ll add it.

Show your support for your favorite 2020 presidential candidates with these FREE Election Bumper Stickers!

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Trump 2020 Stickers

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  1. where is TRUMP?

  2. Probably off somewhere trying to buy some class. Because lord knows he could use some.

  3. He may say things that are not Politically correct but he says it how it is !

  4. much of what he says, he largely exaggerates and sometimes downright makes up. And I have no issues with someone being pc or not. There is a difference between being non pc and being a clueless a-hole

  5. I guess next years voting will determine if he becomes the next president or not.

    Most politicians are full of shit. I do likeDonald though

  6. He isn’t offering stickers or anything that I can find. He’s #1 in the polls so maybe he feels he doesn’t need stickers 😉

  7. That might be the reason 🙂

  8. Where is the Donald Trump stuff? Talk about all the liberal and rino crap! Goes to show that the one nominee that will actually put us back on track where we need to be is also boycotted by this liberal [email protected])&!ng company also!!!!!
    Nothing but false advertisement! Get your attention by a Trump sign and give you liberal links. All of them are nothing but liars except the only one paying for his own campaign….. I want the Trump sign! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  9. Where are all the Donald Trump signs,stickers,etc??? All I see is liberal garbage and rino trash!

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