Score Tons Of FREE Baby Samples (Updated 2023 List)

 From diapers and formula to toys and clothing, there are plenty of companies offering freebies for new and expecting parents. Don’t wait, start claiming your free baby samples today!

Get tons of FREE Baby Samples!

There are tons of companies who want to send new moms boxes full of free baby samples so you can try (and hopefully love) their products.

$400 Worth of Baby Freebies from Similac Strong Moms

Similac has a program called Strong Moms and they offer tons of free baby stuff and samples.

Make sure you join this one because they send out FREE baby formula for your baby to try.

This Free Target Baby bag is SO EASY to get! If you take a few minutes and create a baby registry at Target online, they will reward your time with a free baby gift bag.

FREE Baby Gift Bag at Target

Free Baby Box from Amazon

Amazon gives out FREE baby boxes when you create a baby registry.  The box contains essentials for babies which include diapers, wipes, ointments, pacifiers, and more.

Walmart’s Welcome Box delivers free stage-relevant product samples to help you get a head start with Baby’s development.

Walmart Baby Gift Box

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