How to Become a Product Tester for Adidas
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How to Become an Adidas Product Tester

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How to Become an adidas product tester!

Sign up now to possibly become an adidas product tester.  First apply by filling out their application survey.  They will ask you things like your body measurements and shoe size.  They offer apparel, footwear, and accessories for testing.

If you meet the criteria then you qualify and they will select you based on characteristics such as shoe/apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, sport and athletic profile.

Just click this link to apply to be an adidas product tester.  If you are selected for a test, you will receive an e−mail inviting you to participate.  If you decide to participate, the test product will be mailed to you with instructions.

Test the product for a required amount of hours/mileage per week for the length of the test period (generally 2−4 weeks).  Mail back the test product. We will inspect and evaluate it (adidas will provide a return label).  Keep detailed logs of your daily activities. At the end you will answer a simple online questionnaire.


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