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Get FREE & Cheap Products for Amazon Reviews!  Yes it is true… companies are giving away free and deeply discounted products in exchange for an honest review.  After you agree to review a product, companies will give you a coupon code to make the product either free or $1 or so.

After you try the product just write a review on amazon telling how you liked or disliked the product.  If you have Amazon prime the shipping is free.  If you don’t they will sometimes offer a code for free shipping.  I have been reviewing for a couple months now and I have got a TON of free and really cheap stuff!

Pro Tip: I highly recommend that you read my post on the rules on How NOT to Lose Your Amazon Reviewer Account!

All links listed below with the (heart_icon Heart icon ) are my favorites and a must join!

NEW! Product Frenzie – It’s easy to become a reviewer just sign-up for our mailing list in the contact section and if selected we will send you our exclusive list of free and discounted Amazon products for review.

Deal Go Go Go!Huge selection of about 4000 products! The products are Electronic, Fashion, Baby, Mom, & Home items.

Review Launchpad – Once your added to their list you will be eligible to receive free and discounted products.

Reviews 4 Success – Are you a blogger, social media influencer, experienced product reviewer or publisher who would like to be considered for our professional review panel?

heart_iconReview Kick – Shop hundreds and free and deeply discounted products.  Tons of good stuff here!

Honest Society Newer site. They send you offers for free stuff or 90% OFF coupons. Choose which ones you want!

Amz.One AMZOneReviews is an exclusive Club that works with companies selling on Amazon to get you FREE or extremely discounted and exclusive deals.

True Opinion They have a handful of items listed on their website for you to review.

Giveaway Service – They have several products that you can apply to review.

Artic Cooling – Register to become a reviewer. As soon as a new product releases, ARCTIC product tester can apply for a free ARCTIC product.

TheReview Effect – For Amazon product reviewers we offer up to date information and training, and of course plenty of great Amazon bargains from our generous Amazon sellers.

Blue Ribbons ReviewWould you love to get free and highly discounted Amazon products in exchange for your honest review. An Amazon account is all you need! (we recommend prime to guaranteed free shipping).

Tomoson – Connects you with companies that want their products reviewed on various sites, like Amazon, personal blogs, etc.

Insta Natural – Sign up to their VIP Club and they will send you email offers try their newly launched products for NEARLY FREE or With DEEP DISCOUNTS! (No catch..)

Secret Deals Club – You can request one product at a time from the list.  Write your review and then get another.

Amz RCGet Amazon Products For Free Or For A HUGE Discount.

heart_iconAMZ Review Trader – This is my favorite site! They have TONS of stuff to pick from.

I Love to Review – As a member of you’ll be given products for free and get to keep them for giving them an honest review. It’s that simple!

All Star Reviewers – They will email you with DEEPLY DISCOUNTED and often FREE products.

HonestFew – Get free and heavily discounted products in exchange for an honest amazon review.

AmzVip – Depending on what categories you have selected, you will receive promotions based on your interests.

Reviews 4 Free – 85%+ Off Normal Pricing at Every Single Day.
Start Getting Deals Today by Signing Up Now!

ShopwithReviews -Sign up and request free and cheap products.

DollarDeal Reviews – You can get up to 2 products at a time, once you leave reviews you can order 2 more!

Trust Review Network –  As a member of our program, you will be sent products to try out and review, AT NO COST TO YOU. The frequency varies, but it could be up to 3 to 4 products per month. To apply, complete the form.

Oz Naturals VIP – Sign up for the OZ Naturals VIP list to receive free beauty products to review.

VIP Power Club – You get free Amazon products, if you agree to leave a review.

Review Loop – Fill out the form for a chance to get in (Invite only)

heart_iconSnagshout – Receive free or deeply discounted products. Then write a review.

heart_iconEtekCity – Sign up and they will email if you are accepted to the Citizen Program.  If accepted you get to pick any of their products to review!

Toilet Tree Product Review Club – If selected, you will receive a unique coupon code that will allow you to purchase a designated ToiletTree Product on Amazon for only $1

heart_iconInternet Product Marketing: This one offers 100% free items in exchange for reviews.  Private message their page with your name and email and tell them Guide2Free sent you.

Deals for Reviews: Sign up and complete your profile and you will be eligible to get amazon products for deep discounts in exchange for writing a review.

No Kidding Coupons:(* I don’t like this one ..maybe you’ll have better luck. Let me know) In exchange for sharing what YOU like about a product, we treat YOU to coupon offers at 99% off (or better)… no kidding!

heart_iconElite Deal Club: Join to get great products and help them out by giving them your feedback!

Product Elf: The products are often less than cost price, and a lot are free or just $1! You can pick and choose what products you’d like, and unsubscribe at any time.

Home Product Testing: They have many products available.  Just submit your info for the ones you want and if selected they will send the code to get your free or cheap product.

Product Review Club: Get unique, practical and fun products at a drastically discounted price in exchange for an honest, unbiased review – that’s it!

heart_iconAmazing Deals Group: Earn deal coins that you can exchange for deeply discounted products.

Amazon Prime Review Club: Get FREE and cheap products in exchange for reviews. Any member that is not leaving reviews as promised, will be banned from further participation.

heart_iconUberZon Club: Sign up and they will email you discount codes & coupons for free and cheap products.

If you know of any others please leave a comment below so I can add them to the list!

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  1. I recently signed up for UberZon, Elite Club Deals and Amazing Deals Group. They are all great and I’ve received many great products in the mail. I have Amazon Prime so I get 95% of my deals shipped for free and at my door in 2 days. Thank you so much for sharing all the valuable money saving post about Free Stuff!!..:-)

  2. with the etekcity site how does that site work? i dont see a place for me to login and report my reviews

  3. Amazon has some of the greatest prices I always look there when looking for items. I’ve bought books tapes and ink for my printer just to say a few. Check Amazon before walmart. Ty Mary

  4. You sign up and you have to be accepted. If you get accepted then you log in and first you have to enter all your phones, tablets, etc that you own. Then once they know what electronics you own they add products to review to your account that will work with your devices.

  5. Tomoson is another one that’s pretty great. Most expect blog reviews as well though but i got a nice array of products for review

  6. Skiva Platinum is another one that’s like etekcity. I got a power bank and a micro usb cord.

  7. It says that I need to give the email that I was invited with If you (guide 2 free don’t want to give me your email, you can dm on twitter @Guide2Free:disqus !

  8. I have figured it out! Sorry for the confusion I signed up with elite deals, and it asked me to put in the email of the person that referred me
    Quick question, it says that there are free Amazon products on the site, but I don’t see them?

  9. They will send you an email each day with the deals and what time they go live. I think it’s 10am 2pm etc.

  10. You can still get the codes and the discounts but you’ll have to pay for shipping. I found that these are best if you have prime because of the free 2 day shipping option.

  11. I am signed up for Dollar Deal Reviews, AMZ RC, snagshout, and Elite Deal Club so far I have gotten more from Dollar Deal, Snagshout, and Elite Deals than I have from AMZ but they are all great sites!

  12. I am confused for using the elite club.. i mean i did sign up for it and i am getting the daily deals mail as saying the deals will go live at certain time…but when i login into the website i dont see anything like other sites….where i can request products to review…How do it use this

  13. You sign into the site and go to the dashboard. New products are released at 10 am and 2 pm (and sometimes 8pm). It’s first-come, first-serve, and all of the more desirable items are gone in a flash. So, if the products go live at 10am, try to be signed in at 9:58, or you will miss out. Also, the site is notorious for slowing up and locking up when everyone is trying to sign in at the same time. I have yet to snag something that I REALLY wanted. I also suspect there are very low numbers for the “more desirable” products.

  14. “Artic Cooling – Register to become a reviewer. Receive a request to purchase a product and then buy it a full price. An email will be sent to be filled out along with an Amazon invoice to receive a full refund for PayPal. ”


    From your own guide titled “How NOT to Lose Your Amazon Reviewer Account”
    Rule #10
    Don’t take a refund on a product after you’ve reviewed it!
    Sellers are NOT aloud to make you pay full price and then give you a refund after you review the product. They can only offer you an item for free or at a discount at the time of purchase via a coupon code. Amazon TOS does not permit them to refund your order or pay you via paypal. If a seller is asking you to do it this way it can get you banned, it is against the rules.

    You should remove Arctic Cooling.

  15. What is the deal with Reviewsio… are they gone or did I get banned or something? Different computer and internet service and the website is still not coming up at all for me. Really upset about them. Thank you so much for this post though, I am loving ReviewKick and AmzReviewTrader. Signed up for some other sites but those are my favorite two by and far.

  16. I love this site. I check back a lot to see the news sites for reviewers.. Thank you for keeping us updated!!

  17. Has anyone had luck with AmzReviewTrader?! I joined months ago, I keep trying for products and still have not been approved for one. I write fairly long reviews and always get approved on other sites! So confused.

  18. I don’t either. Messaged them bc website wasn’t working right,for 4-5d already,so my tokens,or whatever I bought from them,were useless. Got an excuse that they don’t have $ to fix the website and I couldn’t get a refund. Conversation on their end was so rude that it was very unprofessional. I couldn’t believe I was messaging with the owner of the site!

  19. Used to get good stuff on Uberzon. Now,the past month or so,maybe 10% of the codes I get actually work. Very disappointed.

  20. My favorite site is Reviewkick. Lots of new items everyday. I get approved the most on this one. Many free items.

  21. No kidding Coupons used to be awesome they still are but they were all 99% off then they changed it to any discount. But they have good stuff sometimes and they don’t make you compete like some of the others do. They were my first site doing coupons

  22. For some reason the original account I set up didn’t work! I wouldn’t get approved or denied. I started a different account and have gotten a ton of good stuff!

  23. The offers are sometimes all sold out… Then they come back alive at certain times I think. I have gotten a few really high end items from this site for 1.00 and am impressed, but you have to keep an eye on the time when they release it. And the 10am you can only get 1 item to allow others to be able to get things,which I found to be really nice. Lots of other sites get sold out so quickly, and Im like Ohhh MAN! so the limiting of one item at the 10am product call is nice.
    They come back live gain at 2pm I think, and then again at 8pm eastern

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