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Join In Home Product Testing to Test Products for FREE

Update: Just got a product to test from them and will also get a $20 gift card for doing it. …

in home product test

Update: Just got a product to test from them and will also get a $20 gift card for doing it.  Make sure your signed up to this one!

If you love receiving free products and giving your opinion, then joining a home product testing panel is perfect for you! As a member of a home product testing panel, you will be sent new products to test in your own home, for free. You will then be asked to give your feedback on the product, which the company will use to improve the product or create new products. Home product testing is a great way to get free stuff and have your opinion heard!

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Join In Home Product Testing, which gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions about the development and improvement of products used by millions of people everyday.  These evaluations include your opinions about new ideas for products or actually testing products in your home and letting us know what you think of them.

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Tips to get picked for product testing

  • Always fill out your full profile and be honest.  Make sure to keep it updated if anything changes.
  • Make sure you complete any surveys or questionnaires asap so they know you are responsive and interested.
  •  During the application process talk about why you’re best suited to test the product.  Give them a good reason to pick you!

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