FREE Product Testing from the Try it! Sampling Community
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FREE Product Testing from the Try it Sampling Community

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Update 6/17/19: Try it sampling now has a waitlist!! (scroll down to learn more)

If you’ve landed here, you probably want to know more about Try It Sampling.  I have been a member for a little over a year so let me tell you what I know.

What is Try It Sampling?

try it samplingTry It Sampling is a website that gives you access to sampling offers where brands provide FREE products in exchange for your honest reviews.  They will send you products and all they ask in return is your honest opinion in the form of a review.  I have been a member for awhile now and I have got some AMAZING things!

Many of the products offered are new to market, so Tryit helps these companies get some initial reviews on these new products. Reviews help other customers make educated purchase decisions on brand and retailer sites across Bazaarvoice’s network.

Do I have to write reviews to stay in the TryIt Sampling Community?

Yes.  The whole purpose of the program is to obtain reviews for the participating brands.  Once members are invited into the program, to maintain their status as a TryIt Sampling Community Member, they have to review at least 75% (3 out of 4) of the products they receive as free samples.  It’s really not hard, you just log in and write your review and you don’t need to sign up at any other retailer’s sites.

Now here’s the important part.  You do not have to write only POSITIVE reviews.  They want your REAL unbiased, honest and authentic reviews.  That’s why the program exists, real reviews from real people.  To ensure authenticity, any reviews gathered through TryitSampling are labeled as being associated with receipt of a sample product when it is displayed.

What Kind of Products can I get?

I have been a member for a little over a year now and I have received 45 products as of this post.  The fun thing about TryitSampling is that you never know what your going to get!  I have received products ranging from chocolate milk to a very expensive generator and everything in between!

Here’s a random shot of some stuff I got in my dashboard:

try it sampling

That’s a $20 men’s polo shirt, a $150 Ralph Lauren purse, a $300 Hunter fan with Alexa, and $60 pair of Tommy Hilfiger pants!  TryitSampling does not disappoint!

How does it work

Once your a member, you will fill out your profile and tell them everything about you and your household.  They use your demographics to target you for certain products.  When they have a product they think you are a good fit for, they will send you an email with a link to request your products.  It looks like this:

try it sampling community

When you get one of these emails you’ve got to be QUICK!  Products go fast, sometimes in minutes.  So if you get the email, log in immediately.  Once you log in you’ll see the products that are available and you’ll be able to select them.  You can usually pick one thing, but sometimes more.  Again… make your decision quickly because things tend to go VERY fast.

Here’s an example of product selection:

try it sampling program

You usually get to pick one thing, but there have been a small few where you could pick more than one item.

 How Do I become a Member of Try it Sampling?

Wondering about Try it sampling signup?  This is one of the top questions I get asked, and I’m afraid your not going to like the answer.  The TryItSampling program is invite only.  That means that you have to be invited by Bazaarvoice (the creator of the program) directly.  No current member can invite you.  There is not a whole lot of information online about Bazaarvoice or how to get invited.  I know many people that email them do not get a response.

According to their website:

“Individuals are invited to become TryIt Sampling Community members based on the trust they have earned by writing accurate and insightful reviews in the past or by being involved in another feedback forum through Bazaarvoice.”Bazzarvoice

That’s kind of vague so I asked them how does a person REALLY get invited.  I did manage to get them to answer me and here’s what they said.

So, I know that is not the answer we all wanted, but at least it is something.  That was from the company directly… so the first thing I would do is email [email protected] to request an invite.  Now they probably won’t email you back, but at least it is a start and you’ll be on their list as someone who wants an invite.

Update 6/17/19: Tryitsampling now has a waitlist!!  You need to click this link and then click on apply.  Fill out the form and tell them about yourself, then click send.  Then you will be added to the waitlist. If selected to join, you will receive an email containing a personalized link to join the TryIt community.

If you are already on the waitlist DO NOT sign up again. According to their email they will not pick you if you keep adding yourself to the waitlist over and over.

TryitSampling is really amazing and it is so worth the wait to get in.  Are you a member already?  Tell us HOW you got in!

Need some help?

Come join our Facebook group HERE! 

We have tons of members who are already members of Try it sampling as well as other sampling programs that can answer questions.

Once you join our group, your going to want to check out the units.  There you can see a HUGE list of product testing sites you can sign up at right now.

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