Huge List of Legit Data Entry Jobs

If your looking to start working from home, data entry is pretty easy to get started with.  You will need…

Huge List of Legit Data Entry Jobs

If your looking to start working from home, data entry is pretty easy to get started with.  You will need the basics like a computer with internet access, a phone of some sort, and basic computer skills.  If you’ve got those, then check out the companies below because they are hiring people like you and me to do simple work from home, and the pay is actually decent!

There are so many SCAMS out there targeting people looking to work at home.  They always want you to buy some course or some information that you don’t need.  A legit work at home job won’t ask you for start up fees or credit cards. Don’t fall for it…. here’s the FREE list of REAL legit companies you can work for:

Legit Data Entry Jobs

  1. AccuTran Global – They are always interested in engaging with new contract transcribers, real-time stenographers and voice writers. They are looking for workers at this time.
  2. Axion – This one is for data entry workers with 2-3 years experience.  Get registered in their database for when they have new openings.
  3. Amazon MTurk –  They have a data entry section as well as other tasks like identifying objects in a photo or video, performing data de-duplication, transcribing audio recordings or researching data details.
  4. Birch Creek Communications – They have several work at home jobs and pay is based on the type of job and quality of your work.
  5.  Clickworker –  This is similar to Amazon MTurk.  They have several types of tasks available to complete for money.
  6. Dion Data Solutions – At time of writing they don’t have any openings, but I will leave it on the list so we can keep an eye on it.
  7. Fiverr – Sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your services to Fiverr’s global audience.
  8. Konsus – Another data entry company.  Check their page often for available jobs.
  9. MicroWorkers – They have tons of simple tasks including data entry, data mining, data categorization, data tagging, etc.
  10. The Smart Crowd Lionbridge –  earn money by completing small tasks that you can fit in your schedule. You work for yourself, on as many tasks as you choose, from your own device, wherever, and whenever, you want.
  11. Quicktate & iDictate – These two offer jobs typing and analyzing files.  You can work as few, or as many hours as you want.
  12. Smart Locating: This company offers legitimate data entry jobs that can be done at home. The job will be gathering information on apartments for database records all across the country.
  13. SigTrack – Sigtrack is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsourced data entry freelancers.  Click “how do I start” and follow the directions.
  14. TDEC – They often hire freelance data entry employees. Send your resume to [email protected]
  15. Working Solutions – Fill out an application and take their assessments.  Once accepted you’ll be able to apply for jobs that match your skills.
  16. Xerox – They currently employ more than 8000 home based workers to preform various tasks including data entry.

Did I miss one? Have you worked with one of them?  Got a favorite?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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