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How to Get FREE Perfume Samples by Mail (Updated for 2023)

“Are you a perfume lover looking to try out new scents without committing to a full bottle? Look no further! In this post, we will share with you some tips on how to get free perfume samples by mail. From designer fragrances to niche scents, you can score a variety of perfumes for free. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your fragrance collection without breaking the bank. Learn how to get free perfume samples by mail now!

FREE Perfume Samples

Get Tons of FREE Perfume Samples by Mail!

If you love perfume and trying out new scents, then you’ll be happy to know that you can get tons free perfume samples by mail. That’s right, companies will send you free samples of their latest fragrance so you can try it before you buy it. Getting free perfume samples is easy and you’d be surprised how many you can actually get.

I have a perfume bin in my bathroom and I literally have enough perfume samples in there to wear a different scent every day of the month. I get free mens and womens perfume samples, so my husband also gets to smell good as well!

Here’s my perfume bin and this isn’t even all of them! Each one has a little mini spray bottle inside which will last many days.

Check out how I am getting all these free perfume samples below:

Perfume Sponsored Ads on Social Media

If you use social media, you want to use this hack to get TONS of perfume samples. Just this method alone will get you all the perfume you could ever want! This is my #1 favorite method for getting free perfume.

Basically, all the perfume brands advertise their new scents on social media. Every time they come out with a new scent they put an ad up with a free sample. The 2 big ones are Facebook and Instagram. The perfume brands place ads on these 2 sites targeting certain people. They way you get the offer is to be targeted with the ads. There is no link to sign up. It just pops up in your newsfeed once your targeted.

The way to make sure you get targeted is by liking the brands pages on social media and liking a couple of their posts. Whenever I find one of these sponsored ads, I always make a post in the perfume section of this website that tells what to look for and how to get it.

Each post tells you what you need to do to make the post appear in your newsfeed. Just follow the steps in the post and then scroll Facebook or Instagram like you normally would, but pay attention to the ads. You will notice you start getting free sample ads ALOT. (this works for beauty products too!)

Here’s an example of one of the ads I just got the other day. It looked like this:

How to Get FREE Perfume Samples by Mail (Updated for 2023)

When you see one of these ads, they usually say “Claim your free sample” with a sign up button. All you have to do is click sign up, enter your email and mailing info, and they will mail you a free mini spray bottle of perfume like this:

It’s SO easy and you don’t really have to do much at all. Once you start doing this you will start seeing these ads all the time. I get one just about every time I go on Facebook. There is a particular ad from Macy’s that sends you a box of 4 perfumes at a time. I have got that ad from Macy’s at least 5 or 6 times now. That’s over 20 bottles of free perfume just from Macy’s alone.

Go follow the steps in my Macy’s post below so you can get these ads in your feed too.

Macy’s Perfume Samples

Follow the steps in this post to be targeted for these sample boxes

Another good one to do is the Bloomingdale’s perfume sample box. They were also mailing out boxes full of 4 free perfume samples. I also got this one more than one time. Go follow the directions in that post also and watch for the ad.

Bloomingdale’s Perfume Samples

They are offering a free little fragrance box full of the top designer scents.

Make sure to check the perfume section often for more of these sponsored ads where you can get more of these perfumes free by mail.

Like I said before, sponsored ads trick is my favorite way to get perfume samples mailed right to my house. But, there are still other ways to get fragrances to try.

Request an Ulta Catalog

If you sign up at Ulta they will mail you a catalog from time to time. Inside they always include a bunch of perfume scent samples. These are not vials, they are the paper kind that you unfold with the scent inside. This kind of perfume sample is still good. I like to put them in drawers to make the clothes smell good. You can also stick them in stinky places like shoes to mask the odors.

Visit a Department Store

Sephora and Nordstrom are two of the best department stores to grab completely free perfume samples. All you have to do is ask an employee if they have any perfume samples. It all depends on the employee but they usually always have a few samples to give away if you just ask.

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